DRTA Merchandise - make a Professional Statement

DRTA is busy creating a small range of practical items branded with DRTA logo for members to use or wear proudly at work, at conferences and in the community. We would love to see every member insisting on using their DRTA pen and post it and wearing a DRTA vest to keep them warm.

Here is the DRTA Merchandise Order form

We are interested in what YOU would like to see next…

Is it a Polo shirt for work with DRTA logo on?

Is it a DRTA badge? 

How about a DRTA baseball cap?

We need to gauge interest from members before we invest in a new item – we are always watching the budget… contact us to let us know.

Conference USB now available. Includes most presentations, posters, abstract booklet, gallery and more. Members - $29.90, Non-members - $49.90 

Have a question?

Contact the office or phone 02 9887 5035

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