President’s Piece March 2022

A busy month with DRT week for the first time being in February. The association would love to know how you promoted the profession.

The first International Knowledge Exchange took place directly following DRT week. I hope everyone got a lot out of these talks and got a better understanding of how clients are supported with leisure and recreation in a global context. It also gives us a way of celebrating both similarities and differences globally. The presentations and recordings will be going up on the website by mid March.

Mardi Gras falls in the first week of March and is the theme for this month’s newsletter. An important part of our profession is advocating. A time to celebrate individual diversity, and individuals celebrating their own diversity. Some of the key things I think when working with people, is the context they are coming from by ensuring I use language that is inclusive, and if I am unsure, just checking that it is inclusive by clarification. When working with someone who has disclosed that they identify as LGBTQ+, thank them for trusting you enough to disclose, and ask if there is anything they would like you to do. There is some valuable information on the LGBTIQ+ Health Australia website.

Please do not assume when, or if someone “comes out” to you that they want everyone in the organisation or health care team to know. Outing someone can have negative consequences and some people have experienced trauma from being outed. Given the challenges we are facing, now more than ever we need love, tolerance and acceptance.

We are just starting to work on new collaboration with LGBTIQ+ Health Australia and DRTA, with more on that in the coming months.

Until April,

Charlise Bennett
DRTA President

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