President Piece – 6 July 2016

Hello Members,

Did you enjoy all the news in the bumper special edition? Thanks to all the team for pulling that fantastic hard copy together!

Have you put your name down for the inaugural DTA cruise? What a fantastic way to spend some time in February? Networking with like-minded colleagues, whilst learning and exploring some mental health based competencies. These are great topics and very relevant within the working life of today’s Diversional Therapist.

I am going, and would love to meet up with as many of you as possible. And not all hard work – I’m taking along my husband, and using the free time to catch up with our DTA friends – why not do the same? I remember the great camaraderie between the husbands and partners at the Adelaide and Gold Coast conferences. These guys had an absolute ball, and, I’m sure, enjoyed swapping their own DT jokes and banter between each other! I have no doubt your partners, husbands and friends would enjoy being part of this elite group!

As we move towards the latter part of the year, I would like to take a serious moment and ask each of you to consider your DTA Board. I know, it doesn’t sound nearly as glamorous as talking about the cruise, but, trust me, the DTA Board is very important! This group collectively makes the decisions which guide and lead the Association into the future. If you have a passion for DT, are enthusiastic about your profession, or perhaps you have some strong ideas about where DT is heading? Your opinions and ideas are of immense value; I strongly recommend you consider a role on the Board. You will grow immensely, will gain friends for life, will develop strong networking ties that will support your own professional growth and also your working practice – I’m more than happy to talk with anyone who has an interest in a Board position. The DT office will give you my contact details.

Louise Absalom

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