From the President

Welcome to the 2nd annual DTA special print Collector’s Edition newsletter! In writing this piece, I reflected on changes within Diversional Therapy practice and awareness, and how we can continue to drive the recognition of Diversional Therapy.

Driven by demand, private practice is an emerging DT field. This growth area is exciting and stimulating and it requires the practitioner to comply with specific legislative guidelines. Other strategies are not essential; however support best practice and therefore more likelihood of positive business outcomes. These may be all new concepts if you have not owned or operated a business! DTA understand the move into private practice is a big step. To support members through this process, DTA will develop a series of guidelines, designed to inform the process and encourage the development of a successful business. The Board are also exploring the possibility of a Private Practice tutorial or webinar, so that interested parties can be included, no matter where they live.

Do you ever think about how much you keep on learning? We never stop! Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nelson Mandela said ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. If we personalise this quote, and consider how education can support change in our own lives, we can each, individually, embrace learning, develop our thinking, and use that skill to drive improvements across a range of options. Perhaps you want to move into a management role, would like to teach, or perhaps your dream is to move into private practice. You might dream of taking control of your skills, moving away from being controlled by others, to a place where you can better support your own style of DT practice.

Education is a powerful tool. The DTA Board recognise this and have always supported its members to adopt a confident attitude to continuing education. Where do you start? Perhaps a workshop, or conference, or even enrol into University. DTA are committed to spreading the word on the value of education, and have developed strong relationships with education providers across a range of qualifications and levels. If you have any queries, or want to know more, make contact with the DTA office, or a Board member.

Would you like to be acknowledged for what you do? Do you have a program you would like to share? The 2016 DTA Conference is the perfect place to do this! How about presenting? Yes, it can be a bit scary, but everyone who has ever done it will tell you those fears disappear once you start sharing your story. We all have so much to give and share – why not start this way? Or, you might think about nominating for the DTA Award for Excellence. This is a fantastic way to highlight what you do. You will be recognised by your peak Association, your peers and your workplace. Those who have won this award will confirm, the benefits are lasting and rewarding! I encourage you all to consider presenting, or nominating. I would love to be listening to you in Sydney, or to be part of the presentation ceremony acknowledging your work and commitment!

Louise Absalom

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