Royal Commission into Aged Care Submission

We need your help to respond to the Royal Commission into Aged Care!

The Royal Commission has released their Draft Final Report of their findings. We were disheartened to see that DT/RT was not included in their findings. We would like to encourage you all to submit a letter to the ACRC to voice your concerns. Numbers speak volumes and we hope with a large number of voices it will push the ACRC to recognise the work that we do. We have included a template letter for you to fill in and send to the ACRC. We would love all our members to advocate and promote the importance of what we do. We encourage you all to submit your letters and help make a difference.

Important! Submissions must be made by 4.00pm, 12th November to:
Here is an email from the Royal Commission with details on how to respond.

Good morning,

Responses are invited from interested persons to submissions made by Counsel Assisting at the final hearing of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s which concluded a week ago. The Royal Commission will receive responses to the recommendations by Counsel Assisting and any other matters arising at the hearing, including remarks made by Commissioners, until 12 November 2020.

To make a response, please download the form on the information page Counsel Assisting’s final submissions on the Royal Commission website.

Responses must be submitted to the Solicitors Assisting the Royal Commission by 4:00pm (AEDT) on 12 November 2020. Visit the Commission website to learn more.

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