President’s Piece November 2023

This month quickly sprung upon us and we apologise for the slight delay in getting out the ARTA newsletter – but as they say better late than never.

Last month we had a busy month both nationally and internationally.

I would like to thank all those who attended the AGM on the 24th of October. We re-welcomed many current board members who nominated to come along for a another term (which we greatly appreciate), and would like to welcome our newest board member Christian Nyamadzaco who will commence his first term with ARTA. We look forward to the knowledge that he can provide to the board in consideration of moving our profession forward.

As mentioned at the AGM, we as a board have had to consider our financial status. Over the last 12 months professional development has taken a big hit in attendance from our members and non members. Our professional development provided by ARTA is one of our main income streams. Following Covid, we know that there have been changes, limitations to access (financial) as well as so many free options for learning. We have made a tough decision to absorb the National Education Coordinator role back into the association and revisit and rework what professional development will look like in 2024.

I wanted to thank Lesley Fox for their dedication to the NEC role over the last 12 months. In light of all the challenges she organised and facilitated many amazing PD opportunities for members and non-members. She has kindly offered to support the ARTA portfolio around education and professional development which we are continuing to revise and explore.

Finally, we concluded after a month of amazing presentations which formed the International Knowledge Exchange. Presenters from around the globe focused on Recreational Therapy. It was amazing to hear about the various experiences around the world, but also understand the similarities of challenges experienced. Thank you to our representing speakers Kate Noble and Kylie Rice, and Charlise for her management and the facilitation of the global panel.

As November creeps (or should I say rushes) away, continue to always take care of yourself through all of these weeks leading to the end of the year.

Until next month,

Renée Smith
ARTA President

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