Exciting News in July 2019 – Credentialing for DRTA Full Members

This DRTA credentialing project was initiated following members’ requests, industry requests (keen to have evidence that they choose qualified, professional staff in their facilities) and the DRTA Board’s recognition that DRTA members who are eligible need to stand out from the crowd – be recognised for their knowledge, skills, experience and expertise. It is also very relevant at this important time of the Aged Care Royal Commission. DRTA, Australia’s self-regulating allied health professional body for our industry, needs to respond.At the 2018 DRTA conference the board arranged for Anne Richard, NCTRC (National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification) in the US to speak. DRTA announced then that we would be introducing credentialing here and many members let us know how excited they were to take this step to further our profession. The board has been working hard and Stage 1 is now complete!

  • DRTA now has a National Credentialing System in place – designed for Australian DRTA members practicing in our workplaces.

Stage 1 involves the plan to introduce and transition to this system for Full Members only who wish to participate. On 1st July 2019, on renewal of your Full Membership, the existing rules of membership (15 points of professional development per year and membership of your national body) will give all financial Full Members DRTA National Credentialing from 2019 to 2021.

To maintain your credentialed status, by July 2021 you must accumulate sufficient professional development across various aspects of practice over that 2 year period (requirements will vary according to your membership type). DRTA credentialing will be valid for 2 years, meaning you won’t need to renew your credentialed status until 2021.

You have the choice! Your membership and credentialing will be separate, so if you choose not to be credentialed you are still able to continue with your regular membership. If you wish to apply for international credentialing, we have the pathway to the NCTRC for you.

  • DRTA now has a MOU with the NCTRC

You can now apply for credentialing with the NCTRC – the internationally recognised US body. The requirements are very specific and the process is clear. Not many of our membership currently will qualify for the US credential from the NCTRC but we now have that choice. There is a clear pathway.

For more information on the NCTRC visit their website: www.nctrc.org

  • At renewal July 2019 all financial members will become DRTA credentialed at no extra cost.
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