Workshop Update – 28 February 2018

DRTA Workshops keep you up to date with the changes and the innovations that are happening in the Leisure and Lifestyle “industry”.  Our one-day workshops open to members and non members help to enhance your programs and provide you with professional development information on the newest ideas and industry best practices in line with consumer, service and government expectations.

Some changes have been made to the workshop schedule for this year-we have increased our commitment to expanding the knowledge and implementation of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy so check online to see our revised proposed workshops. We welcome feedback on the workshop schedule and remember if the planned workshops don’t meet your needs see below for further study and professional development options or contact me directly to discuss.

Workshop Suite Available

– Cognitive Stimulation Therapy workshops can be held in your facility enabling all those working with your residents with mild to moderate dementia to learn the skills to best assist those residents to retain cognitive functions by using the principles in this evidence-based therapy. Find out more about CST by clicking on the CST Training tab on the website.

– Sick of travelling for education or not getting the appropriate education from your workplace? Want to feel inspired and re energised? Why not have your network group host a DRTA workshop- not part of a network group? Contact your neighboring services, managing directors, education officers, or simply your fellow colleagues to create interest and numbers. Then let us know and we can organize the speakers you want to hear from and target the training you need to learn. We are always happy to discuss this option if there is sufficient interest.

– Leisure and Lifestyle in Practice- revisiting the principles and basics of Diversional Therapy tailored to your workplace and staff needs. Sessions include Person Centred Care, Meeting Accreditation Outcomes, Careplanning, Programming, Team work and Activities, Activities, Activities!

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