National Workshop Programme – News and Updates with Steph – 31 January 2015

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Welcome back to the 2015 National Education Coordinator Workshop updates.
I hope you all had an enjoyable festive season and are well into planning your best year ever.

2015 looks to become a year of growth and innovation for DTA and the 2015 Workshop Schedule is calling on all members to not only attend, but participate and get what you want and need from the Education and professional development arm of your association.

Responding to demand we have put together a calendar of workshops that brings education,
to both regional and city centres over the next twelve months. Remember the association is working for you, bringing professionalism to your roles, so please support the workshops and use them to gain the specific knowledge you see as being pertinent to your continuing education. Those of you who regularly attend the workshops will also testify to the importance of connecting with others and talking to people doing the same role and jobs as yourself. So check out the Proposed Workshop Dates for 2015 and pencil them in your diary. Please call or email me with your ideas and suggestions- and to put your name down to do a Takeaway Café presentation (you get all your PD points for membership at one workshop) .Don’t be shy this is what I am here for! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

The first workshop planned for the year is in Sydney and is a continuation of our themed “Access to Leisure” workshop which was held last year in Newcastle – this workshop is in responds to the many requests we received from Diversional Therapist and recreational staff working in the disability sector wanting to gain knowledge and professional development specific to their roles in addressing the needs of people with a disability- this workshop should not be missed if you currently work in or are thinking about working in the disabilities sector- we have industry specialist presenting as well as DTA members sharing their passions and experiences, providing for great networking possibilities.

As with last year there will be lots of quality activities and person centred choices to support people with a disability. Kylie Rice, the new NSW DTA representative will be presenting again this year on Having Fun as well as being available to meet and hear suggestions from NSW members. Whether you are a Diversional Therapist, Rec Officer, support worker or manager this workshop will have something for you- tell your colleagues!! If you are working in the disabilities sector and live in other states we extend a particularly warm invitation to you to participate! See you there!

Our first regional workshop for the year is in Mt Gambier on the 27th of February. I’m looking forward to facilitating this workshop myself and getting to meet lots of members in person in beautiful South Australia.

Keep any requests for workshop topics, speakers or suggestions coming and enjoy the warmer weather.

Finishing with a few words of wisdom to contemplate when things don’t completely go to plan-
“I’d rather be a failure at something I enjoy than a success at something I hate”. -George Burns

So until next time,
Steph Bejma
DTA National Education Coordinator
P.S. Over the holidays I “tied the knot” as they say- not in a very traditional way but with lots of colour and smiles and Bollywood themed bridesmaids and dancing- see photos in this newsletter- and thank you to the board and all members for your well wishes.

Congratulations Steph! Another wedding in the DTA Family!

 December 20th was a beautiful day and choosing to have our wedding at Swansea on the Central coast of NSW was nothing short of perfect. We wanted a theme that wasn’t necessarily your usual white wedding as a fun way to celebrate the combining of two families into one. Being a Yoga devotee -a Bollywood themed wedding was the natural choice and the red sari that I wore set the scene for colour, fun, love and laughter. It was beautiful to have friends and family combine for a happy and joyous event in the name of love. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and I must say I am looking forward to a lifetime of happiness with my new husband, Rob.

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