Top 10 Activity Ideas for May with Kim and the Ed.

1. Acknowledge and promote DTA Awareness Week
– Use posters (set up a display in facility entrance foyer for public to see)
– Host a morning or afternoon tea
– Provide an inservice to staff
– Hold a presentation for Management or the board of your service
– Decorate main area in blue and gold
2. Host a high tea using the resident’s favourite recipes.
3. Invite family into your service and host a Mother’s Day event
– Morning or Afternoon Tea
– Luncheon
4. Organise a Mother’s Day concert or Sing a long e.g. Utilise local schools, childcare centres, dance groups or music schools.
5. Host a pamper afternoon and have all the mothers receive a facial, manicure or foot massage.
6. Contact your local Avon and Nutrimetics representative and have a pamper afternoon where you can try before you buy and invite the daughters and granddaughters to come along.
7. Gather some recipe cards or pictures (read out some of the ingredients and see if they can guess what food item you are. This also proves to be a great reminiscence activity and also provides future cooking ideas).
8. Host a Biggest Morning Tea at your service and raise money for cancer research.
9. Hold a trivia or quiz session on tea and its origins followed by a tea tasting e.g. different iced teas, herbal teas and black teas.
10. So the men are not forgotten this month hold a footy activity program set up the room in the two teams colours that are playing for your selected session, serve footy food e.g. party pies and sauce. Invite the local footy club in to have a male chat

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