The journey to Private Practice

Last year at our Gold Coast Conference several delegates met to discuss the opportunities that exist for Diversional Therapists to enter private practice. There was a great deal of enthusiasm. With much consideration the Board has decided that the best way for this group to move forward is via a forum on our website page. Please take a moment to navigate your way to the forum tabs and have a look at what members are saying, maybe post something or reply to a post.

This is a place where members interested in become private practitioners can liaise, collaborate and share ideas. It is not within the Associations scope or capacity to guide interested members through the process of becoming a private practitioner; however the forum will enable like-minded members to come together and help each other.

In saying that, currently the Board is working on one important aspect for private practice and that is investigating the possibility of Diversional Therapists becoming eligible to apply for a Medicare Provider number. More details will follow and be posted on the forum when we receive feedback from the Minister for Health.

I also would like to take this opportunity to let members know that some of the email addresses that were provided to me at the Gold Coast have bounced back to me. I apologise to any members whom have not received an email because of this. However I believe the better way forward for us all to stay in contact is via the Private Practice Forum. I look forward to hearing about any members whom have begun their journey to private practice on our forum.

Sue Tripney

VP 1, Diversional Therapy Australia

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