Members Articles – A DT Week first at UWS

Aspiring Therapeutic Recreation (TR) students from The University of Western Sydney (UWS) have officially launched their first DT Week on Wednesday, 14th May, 2015. DT Students celebrated this event by supporting the DT Conference 2015 theme which is “Wellness through Leisure”.

While this theme is suggestive, it was difficult for TR students to convey to other students who were not in the cohort. This was due to limited understanding and exposure of our health profession in UWS. However, as the day progressed, TR students allowed themselves to interact with circus activities such as hula hoops, play, juggling, spinning plates and colouring in. As a result, other students were able to grasp the true meaning of leisure by enjoying the moment through spontaneity.

Csikszentmihalyi once said that when a person is immersed and involved in performing an activity, flow is then manifested through experiencing enjoyment. Indeed, this was the goal for DT Week, making time for leisure to achieve wellness. This would not have been a success without the belief and participation from TR students. Our profession highly depends on continual collaboration and community. The very essence of a flourishing profession is in the heart of every individual within it. Collaboration remains the important piece in our profession that unites each and every one of us.

Together, we can strengthen our profession through ripple effects (small achievable steps that is clearly measurable in years to come). As a result, every individual will see the value of our profession as it contributes to their health and wellbeing. It’s just not fun and games but the very core of it is all about the science of play.

Submitted by: Chester Baluyot 3rd yr Therapeutic Recreation student UWS

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