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Based on the old “fishing game, clients “fish” apples from the floor using magnetic fishing rod. Each apple is marked on the back with “Action”; “Question” or “Rotten Apple, Pick again”. Once an apple is picked the facilitator asks the participant to undertake a task in relation to the apple they picked. I.E. if a participant picked “Question” the facilitator would ask a question; if a participant picked “Action” the facilitator would ask the participant to complete an action eg put your hands on your head. If the participant picks “Rotten Apple, Pick again”; they will need to pick another apple and complete that task. Having the three headings allows you to tailor each question or action to a participants capabilities.

Activity Goals:
Enjoyment/ Entertainment
Hand eye coordination
Mental stimulation

Suggested Duration:
30 minutes (can be adjusted accordingly dependent on how the game is progressing with the clients)

Ensure activity is undertaken seated. Ensure clients are not over reaching for the “apples”. Stand by assist.

Venue Location:
Lounge/ Activity room – or other room with sufficient space for client numbers and to setup furniture in a horseshoe or circle proximal to the apples.

Group Size: 10-12

Target Group – activity can be modified to suit variable needs. We run this activity successfully with people with moderate to severe dementia.

Equippment Required:
• Magnetic fishing rods
• Paper Apples (you can print these from the internet and attach a paper clip to make them magnetic)
• List of Question/ Action prompts suitable for your group

Activity Plan
1) Setup room (ideally circle or horseshoe arrangement)
2) Setup equipment/ discuss with assistant roles & responsibilities during activity.
3) Assist clients to be seated
4) Introduce yourself
5) Introduce/ explain activity
6) Demonstrate activity using the following steps:
i) Pick up apple with magnetic fishing rod
ii) Ask your assistant to read the back of the apple and allocate you a question or action.
iii) Complete question/ task you were given.
7) Assist clients to participate one at a time.
Provide prompts / re-demonstrate the activity as per point 6

Other variations:
You could adjust the game to any time of year for example fishing for hearts,; shamrocks, pancakes, presents.

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