Member Article: Snakes on a Bus! (And lizards)

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Residents from Deakin Unit at Arcare North Lakes bordered the bus for a trip to see some “animals”. The residents were asked what they thought about reptiles. Some residents said they were ok and others said they are not for me!

Once on the bus we headed to Deception Bay to Leeann’s (staff) house. Here we were welcomed by her daughter, grandson and a friend. Kyra brought out the first visitor, a bearded dragon. She gave us a little explanation about the lizard and what it likes to eat. Residents were invited to pat the lizard. They said it was a rough skin to touch. Next came out another bearded dragon but as she was a little uneasy the residents looked from a distance.

Our next visitor to the bus was a baby carpet python. As it was not very old Kyra kept a hold of it. Kyra then brought out Fabio, the dad carpet python to the baby snakes. One resident said oh no a big one! 5 out of the 7 residents patted Fabio and said he was very smooth to touch.

They last visitor to the bus was Jupiter, a black headed python. He was a little smaller but had a giant belly as he had been fed the night before. Again most of the residents had a pat of Jupiter. Jo said she loved snakes and they were very beautiful. Another resident Anne said she was happy to be sitting at the back of the bus.
We then said bye to everyone and headed back home, via hungry jacks for an ice cream of course!

Submitted by Cathy Frith.

Photo_1: Kyra, Val Dabrowska, Margaret Turtle, Bernice Stewart
Photo_2: Kyra, Anne Rutter
Photo_3: Kyra, Jo Langton
Photo_4: Kevin Knight
Photo_5: Alice Jarret, Bernice Stewart

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