2nd Workshop on the Waves – Lesley Fox

After a fantastic inaugural Workshop on the Waves cruise in 2017, I was back for “Take 2”. The 2nd DRTA Workshop on the Waves heading to the islands of the south pacific.

However, this time I was sadly setting sail, without my work colleague and sailing partner, Captain Carima. This was due to a last-minute illness she was recovering from. So, like the words in the 1987 Whitesnake song “Here I go again on my own”. Well not quite on my own, I was able to get my son on board with me at the last minute and this allowed for some valuable mother-and-son time, when I wasn’t in class-learning time.

Once again, this workshop/study experience was a smooth sailing success. My journey began in Sydney with a flight to Brisbane the day before the cruise. Giving me a chance to catch up with

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