Journal Watch – 31 July 2015

Title: Diving Modifications for Post-Polio Survivors: Three Case Studies
Author: Tamar Jacob
Journal: Palestra, Vol 29, no 2

This case study describes three post-polio (PP) survivors who participated in diving on a regular basis and to describe the modifications that enable them to dive. Data were collected by a self-administered questionnaire. All participants were individuals with paraplegia who managed activities of daily living independently. The SF-12 physical and mental components scores of these cases range between 24.5–39.3 and 50.2–63.0, respectively. All three expressed feelings such as freedom and relaxation in an underwater world. They also enjoyed the social interaction accompanied with the diving activity. Diving adaptation related to equipment, dressing, getting in and out of the water, and diving technique. All participants present normative socio demographic backgrounds. They enjoyed the benefits of diving despite their disability. The required modifications were relatively easy to achieve. These results should encourage other PP survivors to take part in challenging sports suitable for them.

Keywords: aging and disability, case study, physical activity, physical disability

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