Journal Watch – 3 June 2016

Title: ‘I Was Trapped at Home’: Men’s Experiences with Leisure While Giving Care to Partners During a Breast Cancer Experience
Author: Charlene S Shannon
Journal: Leisure Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Journal Volume 37, Issue 2, 2015

Men whose partners are diagnosed with breast cancer experience many changes to daily living, including taking on additional family and household roles and responsibilities, caring for their partner, and often relinquishing leisure activities. Although leisure participation has been found to help individuals cope and to mitigate the negative effect of traumatic life events, men’s experience with leisure during their partners’ breast cancer experience has received little attention. The purpose of this study was to explore men’s experiences with leisure and the meaning of those experiences during and following their partners’ breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Semi-structured, face-to-face interviews were conducted with 10 men. The findings illuminate that men’s leisure became more home-based, was used to release and regulate emotions, and provided a means to maintain identity. The illness experience also increased men’s appreciation of leisure with their partners.

breast cancer, caregiving, leisure experiences, leisure meanings, men’s leisure, relationships

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