Journal Watch – 2 October 2015

Title: Visual Practices for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Physical Activity
Author: Layne Case, Joonkoo Yun
Journal: Palaestra, Vol 29, Number 3.

Research has shown that visual practices can be beneficial when working with children with autism spectrum disorder. Visual supports have been used for various objectives such as to improve social and communication skills, decrease time spent off task, and improve participation experiences in physical education. The purpose of this paper is to present two types of visual support systems—picture-based systems and video modeling—aimed to guide and inform professionals as they work with children with ASD in physical activity and physical education settings. Practical examples and step-by-step instructions of interventions for physical activity environments are also provided.

Key words:
autism spectrum disorders; autism; visual practices; visual teaching strategies, visual supports; picture task cards; picture activity schedules; video modeling

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