From the Editor – 9 June 2015

This edition sees the end of an era of print editions of the DTA newsletter as we embrace the era of technology and electronic newsletters but it is also the start of something new. Each year in June a DTA Connections Collector’s Edition will be published in hard copy and sent to all members. I will be seeking articles that are knowledge and evidence-based, innovative, stories of success in the field, new job roles or stories of special interest to our members. I invite you all to submit articles all year round. I will start compiling the Collector’s Edition by May each year and it will contain a selection from your articles and news items from the year that have appeared in our monthly DTA Connections eNewsletter which will appear monthly as ever! Please read it and offer your feedback.

The first Collector’s Edition has lots of membership information – renewals, conference registration, showcasing the Trade Directory, a shortened version of the association’s history and you will recognise a few regular spots too. I hope you enjoy it and continue to submit and support our Connections into the future.

Emma Preston, Editor

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