Editor’s Piece – 29 June 2014

This month’s edition brings you information on our upcoming conference and if you haven’t considered the early bird price now is the time to do so and why not add an extra day either side and enjoy a mini break in Adelaide.We have our first student submission in member’s articles since going to the electronic enewsletter. I encourage both students and general members to submit articles read the outline in the PD Booklet as to the word limit and requirements so you can earn yourself some PD points along the way.

Also keep an eye on the website as we will be uploading modules to allow you to do some online education or revision which will also allow you to earn some points as well.

We also have some great industry updates thanks to both Judy Nolan and Margie Kennard for their reports so members can see what is happening behind the scene.

Also if you are on Facebook there is a group called UK Geriactive and they now also have a separate closed discussion group. This group expresses many of the concerns we all share in industry and especially aged care in regards to activity and participation, budgets, office spaces etc. What they have set up is you can register on a pen pal list which I did and was lucky enough to receive a letter from a Nursing Home in Suffolk and I have since replied so maybe this is something your facility could do or a small group of residents as a creative writing activity. Anyway, just some food for thought!

‘Til next month- Ed

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