DTA enewsletter with the Editor – 5 May 2016

This month we celebrate a number of things. We become inspired about how we navigate our profession into our workplaces and clients and spread the word to our colleaugues on what a wonderful profession we are and how we can enrich the lives of others. The second celebration for the month is all those clients and colleagues we have that are Mothers. There are two great websites listed in our web links this month to help with both of these events. Also make sure you go to the members only area and print up your Diversional Therapy Week posters to advertise in your workplace. There are also some great ideas in this months top 10 activity ideas to help you along the way.

Louise and Darren have being hard at work promoting our profession overseas so there is some great updates in our international section of the newsletter.

Steph has being busy organising and running some more great workshops for members and non members. Remember attending workshops is a great way to earn those upcoming required PD points, we also have the mini modules on line and the forums. If you have not logged on to this area or being absent from it for awhile please go and check it out as information is always being added. Also member articles have sadly disappeared in recent months this is a great way to also get PD points it is also another way to celebrate the work you do and get it printed in a larger porthole so please consider doing this as newsletter is only what members make it (along with a small team of volunteer regular contributors each month – you know who you are so a big thank you from me the Ed)

I have also being trying to get someone to do a cultural corner for the newsletter – Australia is such a multicultural country so there must be members out there that produce programs that are sometimes cultural specific it could be simply a recipe shared through a cooking activity, how to care for someone who is Palliative Care but still receives our services or a general fun theme or arm chair travel activity. If you have anything in that nature please send in to the office attention the DTA National enewsletter Editor

We also patiently wait to hear from our delegation that heads off to Japan this month so we look forward to the shared stories on their return.

Also we are calling for some larger more in depth articles for our DTA Collector’s Edition. Articles will be required by the 10th June 2016. The Collector’s edition will also contain Conference information and Renewals so please keep an eye out in your letterboxes for this great keepsake.

Well today I am writing this as the rain pours (much needed by our farmers and rural members) and the wind blows, the leaves continue to change colour and dance in the wind or crunch under foot. Consider taking your clients to a private garden opening, garden centre, botanical garden, arboretum or for a country drive to stimulate the senses and encourage discussions and Autumn activities.

Till next month – Ed

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