Diversional Therapy Week 5th – 5 May 2014


Shaping Diversional Therapy: from Theory to Practice

Diversional Therapy Australia is a not for profit organisation solely built and dependent on ordinary members working tirelessly together in order to realise our vision. Our mission statement declares that:

Diversional Therapy Australia is committed to promoting, fostering and advancing the development of the profession of Diversional Therapy in Australia and internationally.

Diversional Therapy Week, first introduced in 1995, was developed to provide our members with an outlet to promote, foster and advance the development of the Diversional Therapy profession and the state DT Associations (now DTA nationally). Diversional Therapy Week aims to encourage you to educate your work peers and the wider community about who Diversional Therapists and Diversional Therapy Assistants are and what we do.

Celebrate and Educate!

How you choose to share your passion for Diversional Therapy is completely up to you, you may decide to use the material made available through Diversional Therapy Australia or develop your own Diversional Therapy Week program.

So let us all join together and do our part in promoting, fostering and advancing both our profession and our association well into the future

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