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Title: Recreational Therapy: An Introduction, 4th ed.Authors: David R. Austin; Michael E. Crawford; Bryan P. McCormick and
Marieke Van Puymbroeck

Price: $74.00 (US)
ISBN: 978-1-57167-738-9
Sagamore Publishing

The editors’ goal in preparing the fourth edition of this introductory textbook was to provide a book that would clearly define the essence of recreational therapy as a health care profession. Thus, the book is focused on the purposeful use of recreation and leisure as interventions to enhance the health and well-being of clients whom recreational therapists serve. To emphasize this goal, the title used for this edition has been changed from Therapeutic Recreation: An Introduction to Recreational Therapy: An Introduction.

To accomplish their goal, the editors called upon leading authors to join them, including two new editors, in writing chapters for this edition. Readers will notice that the list of authors includes some of the best-known experts in the profession and some of the rising stars of recreational therapy.

Those reading this edition of Recreational Therapy: An Introduction will find a continuation of the user-friendly approach employed in prior editions. Chapters begin with a list of learning objectives and end with a series of reading comprehension questions and a complete list of references. This edition also follows the tradition of prior editions in using the same format in every chapter devoted to a specific client population. This format includes a feature that has been appreciated in prior editions: a case study to illustrate the concepts in each chapter. A unique aspect of this edition is a chapter on providing recreational therapy for members of the military services.

You can also read a free chapter if you would like me to pass on the email with the link please contact Newsletter Editor via the DTA Office and your details will be passed on to me.

Book Review

Title: Craft and Activities

Author: Pamela Bell

Publisher: P.I. Bell
Date: 1995
ISBN: 0-646-25012-4
RRP: $24.00 plus $3.50 postage

Pam Bell wrote this book based on a result of an assessment for a course she was undertaking. The ideas in this book have being used and she added to them from the original assessment she submitted resulting in this final product.
This book has easy to follow instructions, materials required to run each activity or craft and any templates that are needed to complete a project.

Craft topics are split into three main areas – Christmas, Easter and general crafts eg greeting cards, book marks, material beads. The final section are activities. This section includes games, quizzes and even a claytons holiday for your clients to attend. 

There are enough items in this book to be used as fillers or to plan a program around. If you enjoy using The Never Too Old range of books then you will definitely feel comfortable using Pam’s Craft and Activities Book.
Once again the book is reasonably priced for a facility resource or to add to your own collection.

Pam can be contacted by phone on 02 9899 7996 or email

*Next month Pam’s final two books will be written up for review. If you are an author and have a product or book you would like reviewed by either the Ed or Lauretta please forward a copy or item to the DTA Office

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