Book Review with Lauretta Kaldor – 31 July 2015

Title: A pocketful of Poetry and Painting Ghost Gums in the desert by
Author: Anne Vize

Ann Vize a special needs educator, has written these 2 books especially for older adults who are living with dementia. She has written many books for people with special needs. A previous publication through Speechmark Reading in the moment has previously been reviewed.

Therapists are now using creative arts to engage people with a diagnosis of dementia. It does not mean life has to stop! Reading is one area because of long term memory can be an enjoyable experience. Finding non-juvenile material is often a challenge. Poetry is a subject most older people studied when young. Hearing familiar poems brings back memories and stirs the soul. Ann has written a section on how to use poetry in an enjoyable and therapeutic way and then has selected poems for reading aloud and sharing.

Painting Ghost Gums in the desert is a short novel on an uplifting topic of an older couple Frank and Doris an artist travelling in Northern Australia finding a creative future. As older person I really enjoyed this story having been to NT recently. The sentences are simpler and the work spacing larger making it easy to follow. I also like the simple line drawings that make each short chapter’s beginning attractive.

I recommend these resources to educators, students and staff working with clients who are living with dementia. Ask your education or local library to get in the books if they are of interest.

Anne’s books can be found on Banksia publishing.( )

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