Book Review with Lauretta – 3 June 2016

Book title: Still the Music Plays
Author: Graham Stokes
Available: DTA Library

One of the biggest problems therapist have working with people who have dementia is how to deal with the continual challenging and bizarre behaviors. Many of the clients in this book were still living at home. This book has many readable true stories based on experiences of the author (psychologist) on some of those challenging behaviors such as calling out, difficulties of toileting, as well unusual and destructive behaviors. Example one man with dementia began destroying a garden he once loved and cared for. For carers and family members the behaviours seem spiteful.

The author has been called on to assist and has become a detective and find the root causes for the behaviors and suggests solutions. The stories are records of what he has done. In some cases he was able to find real solutions when strange fears are uncovered. The book is therefore very readable making what could be very dry material interesting and memorable. I do a recommend this book to all students and therapists who work with carers and staff and their family members because the stories will bring to life some of the issues that a professional person has to deal with on a daily basis.

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