Conference 2014 follow up…

Just a few more notes from Adelaide Conference

Feedback fact check! 

When asked whether they would prefer a cocktail party or a dinner at conference, 61% said cocktail party preferred at conference.When asked if there was sufficient networking at the conference 95% said Yes!

Some of the feedback from evaluations:

“This was a fantastic conference. All speakers were great. I just loved the last session, a great way to finish the conference WELL DONE! ☺”

“Congratulations – Another fabulous conference full of inspiration.”

“Would like to see workshop on how to do/create research perhaps run by one of the uni academics so we can get evidence based approach happening as many of us have no experience in research.”

“Thanks to DTA for the effort and great work that you do every year.”

“Making choices was the most difficult thing to do.”

“Every speaker I heard was inspirational, factual, caring, and informative about goals and action plans. TERRIFFIC! MOVING! FOR ME LIFE CHANGING!”

“I would like to thank DTA for one of the best national conferences that I have ever attended. Thank you.”

“Enjoyed all 2 days – venue and food great was able to catch up with many familiar faces!”

“Would love to hear topics in the future on the challenge of changing the cultural history of service delivery.”

Detailed work will be done on collating all the evaluations – thanks to all who filled these in!

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