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The Australian Recreational Therapy Association is a client-centred practice and recognises that leisure and recreational experiences are the right of all individuals of all ages.


In fulfilling its Mission, Vision and Purpose, ARTA considers education and training opportunities to be of the highest importance.


Embrace the variety of philosophies, ideas and concepts presented.


Assuring eligibility for successful graduates to apply for Full Membership of ARTA as a Recreational Therapist.


Recognition of their Cert IV or Diploma Leisure and Health courses.

Recreational therapy practitioners work with people of all ages and abilities to design and facilitate leisure and recreation programmes. Activities are designed to support, challenge and enhance individuals' psychological, spiritual, social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

ARTA National Conference 2023


Keynote Speakers


Jason and Megan van Genderen

Jason and Megan Van Genderen garnered public attention through their family's heartfelt story. Skilfully juggling their roles as parents, professionals, and full-time carers for Jason's dementia-affected mother, Hendrika, they have inspired many with their resilience and compassion. Their journey was beautifully captured in the acclaimed documentary "Everybody's Oma." They continue their advocacy work, focusing on the welfare of carers and the elderly.

Dr Mark Cross

Dr Mark Cross is a renowned Australian psychiatrist with over 30 years of clinical experience. Known for his empathetic and humorous approach, he specialises in mental health and sexuality issues. His contributions to psychiatry have been recognised with prestigious awards. He's also an author, media personality, and a passionate advocate for mental health in the workplace.

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

One of the primary roles of a professional association is to ensure that practicing professionals are continually updating knowledge and skills to ensure that their practice is embracing current trends. 

Dr Tien K Khoo and Tracey Beck
Tracey Beck and Dr Tien K Khoo

"Recreational Therapists often play a significant role in healthcare - the practice unifies various allied health themes with a focus on humanistic application to benefit the client. There is a huge potential in Recreational Therapy as a discipline both locally and abroad. I hope the profession continues to grow and establish itself as a significant allied health profession with further evidence-based practice. Often, a strong foundation in principles, practice and dynamic research activities can help form pillars of the profession. I believe much of this is already seen from the interest and activities illustrated in the recent conference."

Dr Tien K Khoo

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